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“Geiger’s songs are well written, with catchy lyrics and good melodies…Geiger is diverse enough to catch the ear of many a blues (as well as jazz) listener.”  — Music Connection

Music Connection Live Review

“Jon Geiger is certainly one of the most talented guitarists, writers and composers to come along in recent memory…He can incorporate jazz, classical funk, rock and soul into his blues base…with a musical mix that shows what happens when someone well-versed in several genres knows how to combine them into a refined, superb blend”  — The Los Angeles Beat

The Los Angeles Beat Feature (Part 1)

“Jon is a fantastic modern day bluesman. His original songs feel like they have been performed by some of the old greats. His passion and dedication to the genre and craft is never ending which keeps his audience in the club and dancing. And he’s a heck of a nice guy to boot.”

Damian Anastasio,
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